Sunday, March 6, 2011

Boa Kwon

Hey everyone, I was watching some MV's and then I ended up watching all boa's MV's all over again.
thhat's why this article is about her.

Boa debuted when she was only 13 years old. She and her older brother auditioned for SM entertainment. However, only Boa was choosen. After releasing two singles in 2000:  “ID; Peace B” and “Sara” she won The Rookie of the Year” award from the KMTV’s Music Awards.


She became more popular in Japan in May of 2001 with the Japanese version of  her hit single, “ID; Peace B“. It was a great success, and was in the Oricon Top 20 along with her follow-up singles, “Amazing Kiss” and “Kimochi wa Tsutawaru“.
She broke the record in Korea with selling her NO. 1 record, there were more than 1 million copies sold.

I admire Boa especially for her singing and dancing skills. You can see that she put a lot of effort and practices a lot (or she's just a natural talent :s ) Her live performanes are very fascinating, although I think she sounds a little bit better in the official MV's. If I watch her performances, the first word that comes in my mind is pro: if you can look like your just effortlessly singing and dancing, but actually are giving 1000% just too make the fans happy. Her MV's seriously ROCK!! they put very much effort in the choreography, clothes and make-up. All together it's very upbeat and energetic.

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