Saturday, March 12, 2011

Song Ji Eun's Going Crazy

Secret's Song Ji Eun has now made her solo-debut with her new single 'Going Crazy'.
'Going Crazy' is a collab with rapper Bang Yong Gook.
The PV and the single were released on 2 march 2011.

I saw the PV a few days ago. I think there are thousand solutions that are better when you want to get rid of your stalker. Everytime I watch the PV i'm even more shocked. I like how they split the rap and the singing.
First, you hear how Song Ji Eun wants to get rid of her stalker. Then you hear Bang Yong Gook rapping about how he's stalking her, in a kind of cute and really creepy way. I can't really understand Korean that's why I had to read the English translation of the lyrics. Now the translation is stuck in my head, I get goosebumps everytime I hear this song. This is definitely the most creepy song I've heard in my life.

She is still continuining her promotions, and had a surprise for all her fans who were watching KBS's Music Bank.

But instead of doing the expected, and just singing the song live on the stage, she made an extra and alternative PV for 'Going Crazy'. The PV was aired on Music Bank that day.
For the one who haven't seen the both PV's watch them below
In the official PV the singing and the storyline are apart, model/actress Min Hyo Rin is being stalked by some creepy guy.
For the altenate PV Song Ji Eun 'portrayed' the role of the stalked woman. Bang Yong Guk is here the stalker who can't let her go. He's also a police investigator here.

I think that the alternate PV is even more shocking and creepy than the official PV.
Check out the PV's and lyrics below:

This is the official PV

This is the altenative PV

It's not love
This isn't love
It's just your obsession
Whatever I do
It's frightening
The you who watches me

I follow in your shadow
I make a phone call
I become thrilled at the sound of your shaking breath
My heart runs after your increasingly quick steps
I think I'll go crazy
The long night gets darker
Under the dead streetlamp in front of your house
I'm watching you through the crack in your window
Until the night ends
Come on and find me
You keep playing a suffocating game of hide-and-seek with me
You, you, you
You're inseparable from me

*Have you gone crazy?
Why are you like this?
Please just leave me alone now
Seeing you is suffocating
Please disappear from my sight

You can never break away from me
You have no one to love but me
Try to escape
Wherever you are
I can see you
You know deeply
You can never break away from me
You have no one to love but me
Look at me now
I don't wanna cry no more, more

Get lost
Just back off
I really can't breathe
Wherever I go
Wherever I am
It's frightening
The you who follows me

A hundred times
Tens of thousands of times
I've called you
But why, why is there no answer?
Did you forget?
It's already been a thousand days since we met
I prepared a gift you'd like
I sit on the street you frequently travel
I'm waiting for you
I know my love
Don't call it obsession, you don't know love
Don't say I've gone crazy
You don't know my heart
You can never be separated from me


You know you want me too
You know you love me
Don't run away from me
Cut the crap~
Get a hold of yourself and stop it
Let go of me now

This ain't right
This isn't love
It's just hurts me, don't be like this
I loved you
But I don't now
Erase me from your memory

I don't wanna cry no more, more

Enjoy listening and watching!!

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