Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE natural & golden make up tutorial


As promised, I present you my second New Years Eve make up tutorial This one's way more natural than the previous tutorial, enjoy!

A big thank you for Loïs, my friend who lets me do her make up every now and then ^^ And happy new year to every one of you (:

xoxo Suzanne

Thursday, December 29, 2011

NYE bold & blue make up tutorial


Here's a bold & blue New Years Eve make up tutorial for the brave ones (: 

For the not-so-brave-but-still-glamorous-ones I'll upload a look within a few days!

xx Suzanne

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 for less then 5

Hi everyone!

Because december is the month of being broke (I am, thanks to the stores that seduce me with huge make up sales and to lots and lots of people for whom I had to buy a present), I came up with this post. I'm going to show you five amazing products that you can get for less than $5!


When it comes to brushes, I highly recommend the ELF ( ones. I use the eyeshadow brushes every day and the kabuki brush (= small round one) is soooo soft! The eyeshadow brushes are both $1, the stippling brush costs $3 and the kabuki brush is $5.

Another product that I use every single day is the Multi Action Mascara from Essence ( I like it because it doesn't smudge during my cycling tour to school, which other (more expensive) mascaras tend to do.

I know lots of beauty addicts on YouTube love this concealer from Collection 2000 (, and I agree! It's very cheap and very awesome!

For your nails, I recommend the Catrice polishes ( They are fabulous and Catrice has an extremely wide range of colours.

Last but not least, I love love love the Lipstains from NYC ( They are beautiful and it doesn't feel like you're wearing a lip product!

You see, make up doesn't have to be expensive! Happy Holidays everyone! I'm sure you'll look glamorous, with or without make up (:


Kera 2008 nr. 12

This is one of the older Kera's ^^


Monday, December 26, 2011

Cute Glamorous Nails

Start with the basics and use a nude colour as your base.

Then I used a hot pink nail polish to do a french manicure.

Take another colour and make some hearts.
This can be easily done by making a V shape and adjusting it a little bit

The I used a glittery top c 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Merry christmas my dear readers <3<3<3
Hope y'all have a wonderful time and have lots to eat ;)
Made a lot of photos and chilled with my fam today.

We had first decided to have a high tea with my uncle, aunt and their little kids, but then my other uncle, aunt and my older nephew and cousin came too :p.
I liked it a lot only the little kids were somewhat hyperactive and couldn't play without me >_<
Later on my little cousin started saying 'Ding Dong' again and again, it was really funny (but that was mainly because it made me think of 'The Greatest Love'

Everyone also got some christmas presents ^^. My aunt gave me and my twinsister some nail-art 3D-art pens. I don't know how they really work but i'll try to figure it out soon. However i'm very happy with it :p

I really ate a lot and still feel a little bit nauseous. And tomo my mom has big plans again with dinner :s
This would really make you forget about the fact Christmas is about the birth of Jesus instead of food, presents and nice clothes :s

And a photo of me ^^
I tried to curl my bangs (or whatever they are) with my straightener.

there will also be coming a nail-art tuto so stay tuned!!
Much Love,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Random Post ^^

Hey everyone!!
I'm really in a Christmas mood ^^ Whooohooo :p
I've been listening really much korean Christmas songs lately (yes Infinite's lately too lol :p)
We already have a Christmas tree with very much lights and stars (one of my fave things in this world <3)
And my holiday finally arrived :o yeaaah, and the best thing is that I don't feel any of the headaches that have been bothering me for quite a while now.

I've been reading a lot of magazines lately and made a lot of caps so you can expect lots of them ^^
I'm not really doing anything much this vacation.
For Christmas celebration my family and I, just my mother, My twinsister little sister and my aunt, uncle and their little kids are just having a high tea <3. Previous it was very fun and I hope it will be like that this year too.

For the New year's celebration i'm going to some friends. I hope it will be lots of fun ^^
I want to experiment a lot with (re)creating some hairstyles and maybe show of the finished product if I can.
Currently I have some problems with uploading pictures because of my simcard it doesn't fit into my laptop anymore :s or so it seems.

I think I will do at least one Christmas or New Year's Eve nail-art and try to upload it ^^
And I will probably watch much dramas because I'm addicted :s
My newest love is 'Flowe Boy Ramyun Shop' but I want to finish it tonight since I only have to watch 3 more episodes. I really love all the characters and the story <3


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Galileo Galilei Will Release 2nd Album Next Month + Tracklist

The Pop/Rock group 'Galileo Galilei' that is known for (anime opening) songs 'Aoi Shiori' and 'Asu E' will now be releasing a second album. The album will be released on 25 January and contains 14 tracks.

 PORTAL 2011.01.2501. Imaginary Friends
02. 老人と海 / Roujin to Umi
03. Kite
04. Swimming
05. さよならフロンティア / Sayonara Frontier
06. Freud
07. Good Shoes
08. 明日へ / Asu e
09. 星を落とす / Hoshi wo Otosu
10. Blue River Side Alone
11. 青い栞 / Aoi Shiori
12. スワン / Swan
13. 花の狼 / Hana no Ookami
14. くじらの骨 / Kujira no Hone

I will really be looking forward to this album, as I am fan for a really long time now.

Kera 2010 September