Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Galileo Galilei Will Release 2nd Album Next Month + Tracklist

The Pop/Rock group 'Galileo Galilei' that is known for (anime opening) songs 'Aoi Shiori' and 'Asu E' will now be releasing a second album. The album will be released on 25 January and contains 14 tracks.

 PORTAL 2011.01.2501. Imaginary Friends
02. 老人と海 / Roujin to Umi
03. Kite
04. Swimming
05. さよならフロンティア / Sayonara Frontier
06. Freud
07. Good Shoes
08. 明日へ / Asu e
09. 星を落とす / Hoshi wo Otosu
10. Blue River Side Alone
11. 青い栞 / Aoi Shiori
12. スワン / Swan
13. 花の狼 / Hana no Ookami
14. くじらの骨 / Kujira no Hone

I will really be looking forward to this album, as I am fan for a really long time now.

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