Sunday, November 27, 2011

Purple/blue/golden eyes (:

So... I used my lovely sister again for my newest makeup creation! However, I have trouble editing the clips... I decided to tease you guys a bit by showing you some pictures right now (: and when I'm finished editing the tutorial, I will post it!

- xx

Friday, November 25, 2011

Spring/Summer Finds

Lol i found a very old post :s
my bad, didn't publish it earlier so here it is ^^
I'm sorry for the lack of updates again.

I thought they were really lovely so i had to take pics immediately ^^
I was really happy :D
They fit really well and the designs are really lovely, I love flowers and stripes ^^

Friday, November 18, 2011

Flower Crown

What you need:
-Fake Flowers

Attach several flowers to each other with wire (here I also used tape but it didn't work)
make several bunches and attach these on each other.

When it's long enough, attach it to your hair with bobbypins

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Carmen Curlers Review


Yesterday, when I cleaned my room (which was very very necessary :p) I realised I had this curling set from Carmen laying around! As you can see, this thing is not very modern (understatement..!)
 I got it from an old woman, she never used it so I could have it. But I haven't tried it untill now.. So I thought, why not make a review for this blog..?

This is me after I took a shower, I didn't completely dried my hair because then the curlers will have a much better effect.

Then I put the curlers in my hair, skills required! Which I don't have. So this part took me 40 minutes...
Yes I know I look like a granny!

When I removed the curlers about an our and a half later, my hair looked like this: 

And my floor looked like this :)

Anyhow, these curlers give you quite natural looking curles/waves, I like the final hairdo!
But as I said, it takes a lot of effort to put them into your hair... I prefer my curling iron :)


Namie Amuro and Kato Miliyah in Vivi

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Long time no (real) post, only updates :s

To all my dear readers ^^

I really haven't posted anything much lately and I know it.
The good news is that I finally got my laptop back, it only took a week to repair ^^
The bad point about it is that I lost all my files :s
I had really good files (pictures) that were there to put in to my post (especially tutorials and stuff)

Also I didn't have time to write or come up with new concepts because I have been going through some personal issues :s

Hontouni Gomenasai!!! <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Autumn inspired make up


While creating this make up look, I was inspired by the beautiful colours of the autumn!
Although I hate the fact that this season is cloudy and cold, I do enjoy watching the pretty red/yellow/brown/orange/gold coloured leaves falling down (:

xx Suzanne