Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kana Nishino Will Be Making Another Album

J-pop and R&B singer Kana Nishino has revealed some information and covers for her new album.
This will be Kana's 3rd album and it's called "Thank you, Love".
It will be released on June 22nd
The album will feature love songs, warm ballads and upbeat club music.
There will also be a special edition available which includes a DVD with 4 PV's and the making of, and an original postcard.

I have a little trouble with loading the photos, but i'll try later on.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

SHINee's Japanese PV For Replay

Yes, I know it's late but here it is:

love it!!
Just see and be amazed!

Song recommendations (May)

Sistar - Ma Boy ( 3 May 2011)

After School - Play Ur Love

shu-i - smile for me ( 4 May 2011)

Lim jeong Hee - Golden lady ( 8 May 2011)

5 dolls - Ireokung Jeoreokung ( 11 May 2011)

Beast - On Rainie Days ( 12 May 2011)

Jay Park Ft. Dok2 - Level 1000 ( 13 May 2011)

Seo Young Eun - Sinbuege ( 13 May 2011)

Aziatix - Cold (16 May 2011)

Beast - Fiction ( 17 May 2011)

2PM - Heart Beat ( 18 May 2011)

KAT-TUN WHITE ( 18 May 2011)

Baek Ji Young - Botong ( 19 May 2011)

Wakadanna - Mamoru Beki Mono ( 25 May 2011)

Boyfriend - Boyfriend

F.T. Island - Hello Hello ( 26 May 2011)

Beast - Bad Girl Japanese version

Hope you liked them!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Koda Kumi Shows Nails In Nailmax

J-pop singer Koda Kumi in the may edition of 'Nailmax' magazine:

This issue also featured Jamosa,
really love her songs!!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kim Yeo Hee (Applegirl002) Covers 'Just The Way You Are'

She became known for her youtube account (Applegirl002)
I think she has a beautiful voice.
I just had to post this :D
Hope you like it.

BEAST Releases PV For Japanese 'Bad Girl'

I like it, but not more than the korean version.
The korean PV has some really cool shots in it.
Like the one around 2:30 :)
Also it just looks better, they have more different shots.

If you haven't seen the korean yet, or just like it, watch it below:

Boyfriend Debuts With 'Boyfriend'

I think the song is pretty sweet and nice.
However, I hope they improve and make more use of their awesome dance-skills.

Check out their dancemoves in this awesome video.

Kim Sae Ron In 'Elle Girl'

I'm currently very into reading magazines :)
There will definitely follow more photoshoots.
These can be old or new.
I'll write something about reading magazines online and my recommends later.
Stay Tuned!!


Seo Hye Rim's Photoshoot For 'CECI'

Really like this one!!

She looks like a goddess here :)


SHINee Records A Celebration Video

I can only understand the first sentence,
but its cute!!
It's soo frustrating we couldn't make them a trending topic yesterday.
I tried sooo hard :(

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Girls' Generation New Japanese Album


On June 1st the popular Girl-band 'Girls' Generation' also known as 'SNSD' will release a new allbum.
It will be a Japanese album with some new songs and ones as the japanese versions like Genie and Run Devil Run. On May 21st, today, there was already a teaser released. Which caused a great  group on twitter to make them a trending topic worldwide.

There were already pictures released check them out here.

The tracklist:
5. You-aholic
6. Beautiful
7. Stranger
8. Run Devil Run
10. I'm In Love With The HERO
11. Gee
12. Let It Rain


New Song Recommendations (April)

Uverworld - Mondo piece ( 6 April 2011)

Brian Joo - Love, It's Over Now

Park Bom - Don't Cry ( 20 April 2011)

C.N. Blue - Love Girl ( 26 April)

Sonar Pocket - Love letter ( 27 April 2011)

F(x) - Danger ( 26 April 2011)

Jay Park - Abonded ( 26 April 2011)

2PM - Take Off ( 28 April 2011)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

X-5's 'Fantasy' Inproper For Minors

X-5’s “Fantasy“, a track off of their “XENOS” debut album, has been rated as unsuitable for minors by the
X-5's single 'Fantasy' from their debut album 'Xenos' has been declared to be unsuitable for minors by the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family. According to information revealed by their agency, Open World Entertainment, the song was classified as harmful to the youth due to a few words that alluded to unfavorable activity in the lyrics.
Representatives elaborated, “We’re unable to understand as to why the song must be banned just because it mentions a club. A majority of the songs these days include the term ‘club.’ The lyrics for ‘Fantasy’ don’t even include any sexually suggestive material in the lyrics, so we cannot comprehend why this song did not pass regulations.”


The lyrics that they’re holding in question are, “(Hey turn it up dance dance dance) In this night of illusion (party in the club).”

Super Junior Releases Japanese 'Bonamana'

After the Japanese version of 'Replay'
another well-known Korean song got a Japanese version.
The title is 'Bijin' which means beauty.
It will be released on 8th June.

For me (being an ELF) this is really weird,
I heard this song like a thousand times.
So whenever the refrain will come,
I want to sing along
Bounce to you, Bounce to you
Nae gaseumeun neol hyanghae japhil sudo eopseul mankeum ddwigo itneungeol
:( Hope I get these lyrics in my head soon.


Yoochun Shows His Piano Seat

This is priceless.
But poor Hero!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taeyang Sends Birthday Message To Fans

He looks sooo cool in this vid.
definition of SWAG.
Congrats Taeyang!!

Beni Announces New Single + Tracklist

Beni's official website announced that on 8 June she will release a single called 'Suki Dakara'
It's a sad love song about loving someone so much that you can't leave him/her even though you've been gone through a lot of pain because of that person.

The single contains the song 'Suki Dakara' and 'One In A Million'.
The single also contains instrumental versions of the two songs.

Tracklist:1. Suki Dakara.
2. One In A Million
3. Suki Dakara. (Instrumental)
4. One In A Million (Instrumental)

Can't wait!!!
She is such an amazing singer!
I will write a revieuw as soon as the single will be released.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BEAST Releases 'Fiction' PV

The single was released today.

I really love the PV.
i have some sort of fetish for antique things, so i liked it a lot.
*wants to read the books*
I totally love their clothes and the choreography too.
*wants to learn to choreo but is to lazy to get up*
Hope you enjoy!


Moumoon is a Japanese pop/rock duo.The duo consist of the vocalist, YUKA and guitarist Kousuke Masaki.In 2007 they signed a contract with Avex Trax, then they released their second mini album 'Love Me?'.When the duo performed 'SWEET HEART' for the first time on tv, they started to get attention from the vieuwers.

The two members met in the summer of 2004.
A year later they formed Moumoon
The band's name is part French and part English.
They used the French word for tender (mou) and the English word moon.

Moumoon had first signed onto the TRUE SONG label, but they switched in 2007 to Avex Trax.
The debuted with the mini album 'Flowers' in 2006
The single Flowers/pride charted number 106 on the Oricon charts.
When they released their debut mini-album 'Flowers' soon after that, they entered the Oricon on number 63.
Their first top ten single was 'Sunshine Girl' which entered on #12 but a week after that the single rose to 10.

My favourite songs of them:

This is the first song I heard from them,
I listened it a thousand times or so :)

Beautiful too <3

Definitely my favourite!!
She looks so beautiful in this PV and Kousuke-kun looks sooo handsome.


SHINee Releases Teaser For Japanese 'Replay'

On the 22nd of June,
SHINee will make their debut in Japan with a Japanese version of 'Replay'.
Yesterday the teaser has been release.
Check it out:

For those who really can't wait,
I found a clear version of the song.
I can't help but pless replay (how irronical)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011


SPYAIR releases new single and PV 'Samurai Heart'

SPYAIR's new single will be released on 8 June 2011.
The alternative title is 'Some Like It Hot'
It is an opening for the anime 'Gintama'
The band previously wrote an opening for 'Bleach'

I have been following these guys since their debut
and I have to say, they've never dissapointed me.
I just can't stop listening to this song.
The singer is cute ですね?