Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Moumoon is a Japanese pop/rock duo.The duo consist of the vocalist, YUKA and guitarist Kousuke Masaki.In 2007 they signed a contract with Avex Trax, then they released their second mini album 'Love Me?'.When the duo performed 'SWEET HEART' for the first time on tv, they started to get attention from the vieuwers.

The two members met in the summer of 2004.
A year later they formed Moumoon
The band's name is part French and part English.
They used the French word for tender (mou) and the English word moon.

Moumoon had first signed onto the TRUE SONG label, but they switched in 2007 to Avex Trax.
The debuted with the mini album 'Flowers' in 2006
The single Flowers/pride charted number 106 on the Oricon charts.
When they released their debut mini-album 'Flowers' soon after that, they entered the Oricon on number 63.
Their first top ten single was 'Sunshine Girl' which entered on #12 but a week after that the single rose to 10.

My favourite songs of them:

This is the first song I heard from them,
I listened it a thousand times or so :)

Beautiful too <3

Definitely my favourite!!
She looks so beautiful in this PV and Kousuke-kun looks sooo handsome.


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