Monday, January 7, 2013

Girls' Generation releases 'I got a boy' + my opinion

I totally love all their outfits and hairstyles. I am totally digging the green ombre hair, Sica's brown/blonde/pink/purple locks. Maybe ideas for next hairstyles for me ^^ and babo me even cried at the lyrics. I think they are very deep. This is their first song that has a deeper meaning right? It's about changing your personality for the person you love and trying to appear all perfect since he doesn't appreciate the real you. I'll be totally repeating this non-stop.
I really love Yoona's rap, the lyrics are especially portraying the part of trying to be all perfect to win someone's heart. This choreo is also killing and can't wait to learn it too. But I hope they do somewhat better live since I went almost deaf when I heard some performances of 'The Boys'. They have amazing vocals imo but somehow they don't get enough training, when they have performed the song more often it's always much better.


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