Friday, July 29, 2011


Just a few days ago I found out that one of my friends is really good with make-up.
I never wear make-up and I'm not really interested in it, but I was just amazed (understatement)
So now I want to give her a chance to let her show her talents.
That's why I asked her if she wanted to do an intervieuw and write guest-posts.
I really hope you can give her a lot of support!!!!
I just know you'll love her, she is so kind and beautiful :D
She also came up with the same idea I had, doing some tutorials for K-pop make-up looks and more.
You can also do requests (I'll make sure she does it >_<  JK)

Also remember the Twilight Saga Contest I have been talking about?
She is doing the make-up <3

Here she did Katy Perry's make up

My intervieuw will be some sort of introduction to you.
I think I'll post it this Sunday because yesterday I was busy and tommorow I have a cosplay meeting in a theme park. So I'm just a little bit busy :s

I made a wishlist for her :) so when she reads this she'll know she has to work hard ^^

  • Miss A - Good Bye Baby
I did a nail-art inspired on this so maybe she can do some of the make-up
I love Jia's and Suzy's make up here.

  • CHI CHI - Longer

  • I also really love YBH's star make-up in the Dream High showcase

  • Very awesome right?

  • 2NE1's make up looks

  • I'll just stop here with spamming all my favourite dramas and K-groups

    2NE1 Reveals PV for 'Ugly'

    I really love the make-up!!
    The message is great too.

    Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    G.NA - I'll Be Off So You Can Live Better

    SPYAIR Releases MV For 'Beautiful Days'

    The release of the album will be on August 4th,
    the same date as Yuya Matsushita's album.
    The album will contain 2 other tracks: Reset and a live version of kanjou discord.

    After listening to it a few times I am addicted!
    There are a few fans who are dissapointed because it looked like samurai heart.
    At first I kind of felt what they meant but now I don't know why I didn't like it at the first time.


    Vannes Wu pairs up with Ady An once again for 'Aiya'

    This is the third MV for his new album 'C'est La V'.
    It was released on 25 July

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Going Crazy Edits

    Miss A's 'Good Bye Baby' inspired nail-art with tutorial

    Fist use a base-coat.
    I always use this shiny polish that also makes the nails stronger.

    Paint your nails with a coloured layer.
    I always choose to do two thin layers because it will look prettier.
    I painted my dumb red because I wanted to do another pattern on it.
    Don't worry if you have any product on your nails like me, you can always clean it off afer you're done.
    It will get dirty anyways, when you're working with a sponge.

    For my dumb I painted white dots on the red background.
    It has the same pattern as Suzy's skirt.

    Now we're gonna make some sort of a gradient effect using a sponge or a make-up wedge.
    It is important that you don't have too many polish on your sponge.
    You have to put a dot of nail-polish on a piece of paper so you can take a little bit of it.
    If there is too many polish on your sponge tip it off a little bit on the paper.
    The result of too many polish is the same as when you just polish your nails.

    See the sponge-effect?

    Do the same with black polish.
    Now you're finished!
    As a finishing touch I choose to add a cherry on my ring finger.

    The end result:

    IU - Good Day screensaver

    click on the image for larger image

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    9 Days left until

    My hello kitty mp4!!

    After a few weeks my mp4 player was already full of scratches.
    I have seen and posted so many deco things.
    I would like to do something with deco too.
    However, it will be really unconvenient because I prefer comfort.

    What I used:
    • Hello Kitty Stickers
    • My Mp3

    Does this need a explanation?
    Don't think so, it's so easy but I really love it.
    You wouldn't notice all those scratches I made with letting it fall accidently  ;)

    Lee Hyori Takes Sunsim For A Swim

    On July 24th, Lee Hyori tweeted,
    Ready to dive~~ Dive~~^^ It should be her first swim, but she is swimming well~

    Soon after, Lee Hyori tweeted again, “After happily swimming, we are very tired.”


    Mini Tutorial: Simple Customized earphones!!

    My mother bought some earphones for my twinsister.
    However, she didn't like them (quite picky in choosing earphones :s)
    So now they are mine.
    But the only problem is they were quite boring with the black and a few fake diamonds.

    What I Used:
    • Plain earphones
    • Strong crafting Glue
    • Ribbons
    My earphones before:

    And after!!
    They are so much cuter now.
    I hate all things black, but with this pink ribbon it's more lovely.

    Ex-Vocalist of Kagrra Passed Away

    The ex-vocalist of Kagrra and now a solo artist, Isshi, was found dead in his home a few days ago.
    It happened on Monday the 18th since then there are still no details about what the case of his death is.
    His funeral has already been held, with only people who were very close to him attending.
    His single that has been scheduled for September will be cancelled.
    His solo concerts on 27th and 28th of July will become memorial services.

    R.I.P. Isshi.

    CHI CHI's MV for 'Longer' Criticized Due To Violent Scene

    The scene that has been receiving a lot of hate is the violent scene in the swimming pool.
    Also a lot of broadcast stations weren't content about the revealing costumes either.

    a representative stated:“It was a needed scene for the storyline, so we decided that there wouldn’t be a problem. We were surprised by the broadcast networks’ decision, but we have no problem with their opinion. But the scenes in question are important to the video, so we’re struggling to find ways on how to edit it.”
    The music video will now be re-edited and submitted for evaluation again.

    Take a look at the MV below:


    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    My new K-pop/drama Purchases

    At Tsunacon this year I found such a cool stand.
    They sold really much Korean-like things such as clothes posters etc.
    I oredered some products from their website.
    I really had to get them and I also got 15% off. LUCKY!!!
    Check them out:

    Super Junior Poster v4
    There was not really much choice for ELF's :(
    This was my favourite.
    Well at least it has my favourite members <3
    Boys Over Flowers Oorbellen
    This was actually the reason of my order.
    A perfect excuse to buy the BOF necklace AND matching earrings.
    This is soooo perfect!!!

    I also bought this adorable cookie mirror
    Cookie Spiegel Donkerbruin
    I really can't wait for the delivery!!
    I think I'll just wait for the mailman at the door.

    Dream High 2 Promo Picture!!

    I absolutely Love this.
    I now have a new screensaver!!!
    Sooo exciteeeed

    Promo Posters For 'Protect The Boss'

    'Protect The Boss is a romantic comedy set in the bussinessworld.
    The drama stars Kim Jaejoong ( from  JYJ and Heaven's Postman)  along with Ji Sung ('Save the Last Dance for Me', 'New Heart'), Choi Kang Hee ('My Sweet Seoul'), and Wang Ji Hye ('Personal Taste').
    The drama is mainly about the love rectangle and No Eun Seol who is struggling to keep her job as a secretary. It will be aired on Wednesdays and Thursday's on SBS. It will replace City Hunter on August 3rd.

    Take a look at the Promo Pictures:
    "Protect The Boss" Releases Promo Posters
    Love this dress <3
    Love him <3
    He's on the poster that hangs right above my bed <3<3<3

    I'm really looking forward to this!!

    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    Girl's Genearation sings 'MR. Taxi' in Korean

    On July 23rd and 24th the girls performed in the Olympic Stadion.
    As a special surprise for their fans they sung their Japanese Single 'MR. Taxi' in Korean.
    Before 'MR. Taxi' they also changed their single  'Let It Rain' from their first Japanese album into Korean.

    It sounds really weird at first, like all the different versions.
    Most of the times the original is just a little bit better.
    However, I like both but will this performance turn out in a new single for SNSD?

    Tutorial: Turn Lace Into An Elastic/Hair Band

    When I went to the market last time, I originally went to shop for some really cute ribbons and lace.
    I found a lot!!!
    However I kind of run out of ideas and only attached them to buns or pigtails.
    I became tired of tying this long piece of lace (1m) to my hair everytime, because I didn't want to cut it.
    So that's why I thought of a way to turn it into an elastic so you've got lace in your hair without tying it up.
    It's perfect because it is still lace and it takes less time.
    You can also try it with different kinds of fabrics, anything with holes will do.

    What you need:
    • Lace (or some sort of fabric with holes)
    • Elastic thread
    • An Elastic (optional)

    You can see here the way I 'sewed' it.
    I took this as my back because you have the most thread showing there.
    I took some sort of a wave pattern so there will be ruffles at the upper side too.
    You don't have to tie a knot in it, if you make sure the elastic doesn't go out of the lace.

    When I was done stitching the thread through the lace I measured the lenght with an ordinary elastic.
    You don't have to cut it, however mine was already worn out so it was easier this way.
    You can actually do this withouut an elastic
    but you have to make sure it fits around your pigtail, bun or braid.

    When you're sure about the size knot both of the ends of the elastic to each other.
    Now you must have something like this.

    I'm happy with the result I took a larger piece than needed, that's why it's so ruffly.
    It looks cute in my opinion :)
    Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!!!!