Sunday, July 24, 2011

Promo Posters For 'Protect The Boss'

'Protect The Boss is a romantic comedy set in the bussinessworld.
The drama stars Kim Jaejoong ( from  JYJ and Heaven's Postman)  along with Ji Sung ('Save the Last Dance for Me', 'New Heart'), Choi Kang Hee ('My Sweet Seoul'), and Wang Ji Hye ('Personal Taste').
The drama is mainly about the love rectangle and No Eun Seol who is struggling to keep her job as a secretary. It will be aired on Wednesdays and Thursday's on SBS. It will replace City Hunter on August 3rd.

Take a look at the Promo Pictures:
"Protect The Boss" Releases Promo Posters
Love this dress <3
Love him <3
He's on the poster that hangs right above my bed <3<3<3

I'm really looking forward to this!!

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