Friday, July 29, 2011


Just a few days ago I found out that one of my friends is really good with make-up.
I never wear make-up and I'm not really interested in it, but I was just amazed (understatement)
So now I want to give her a chance to let her show her talents.
That's why I asked her if she wanted to do an intervieuw and write guest-posts.
I really hope you can give her a lot of support!!!!
I just know you'll love her, she is so kind and beautiful :D
She also came up with the same idea I had, doing some tutorials for K-pop make-up looks and more.
You can also do requests (I'll make sure she does it >_<  JK)

Also remember the Twilight Saga Contest I have been talking about?
She is doing the make-up <3

Here she did Katy Perry's make up

My intervieuw will be some sort of introduction to you.
I think I'll post it this Sunday because yesterday I was busy and tommorow I have a cosplay meeting in a theme park. So I'm just a little bit busy :s

I made a wishlist for her :) so when she reads this she'll know she has to work hard ^^

  • Miss A - Good Bye Baby
I did a nail-art inspired on this so maybe she can do some of the make-up
I love Jia's and Suzy's make up here.

  • CHI CHI - Longer

  • I also really love YBH's star make-up in the Dream High showcase

  • Very awesome right?

  • 2NE1's make up looks

  • I'll just stop here with spamming all my favourite dramas and K-groups

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