Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miss A's 'Good Bye Baby' inspired nail-art with tutorial

Fist use a base-coat.
I always use this shiny polish that also makes the nails stronger.

Paint your nails with a coloured layer.
I always choose to do two thin layers because it will look prettier.
I painted my dumb red because I wanted to do another pattern on it.
Don't worry if you have any product on your nails like me, you can always clean it off afer you're done.
It will get dirty anyways, when you're working with a sponge.

For my dumb I painted white dots on the red background.
It has the same pattern as Suzy's skirt.

Now we're gonna make some sort of a gradient effect using a sponge or a make-up wedge.
It is important that you don't have too many polish on your sponge.
You have to put a dot of nail-polish on a piece of paper so you can take a little bit of it.
If there is too many polish on your sponge tip it off a little bit on the paper.
The result of too many polish is the same as when you just polish your nails.

See the sponge-effect?

Do the same with black polish.
Now you're finished!
As a finishing touch I choose to add a cherry on my ring finger.

The end result:

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