Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hey everyone!
I got very much into blogging :p

So here´s the big news!!!
...I have another sewing-project yeah!

I love sewing, I have done some other projects. here´s the story:
At school we´re doing some dance-project. We had to perform a dance with the class.
We have to organize everything ourselfs (with a little help from the teacher).
There were made different groups and they have different tasks.
I´m from decor, the pther groups are: dancing, light and music, PR, and clothes and make-up.
from the clothes there must be sewed one thing ( a skirt or dress or something)

The funny story is: no one in the group has ever sewed anything :p
So we keep asking the teacher, lol but he´s a male XD
But they didn´t make any progress.
Now i´m doing their work. I kinda like it that I can sew something again, however i have some other projects I have to do.
I thought of making a shirt and a dress (for Christmas)

I think the performing will be great!
everyone has such a great ideas.
I asked my teacher if a could take photos on "the big day"
and he even said i could film it.

And I am soooo project runway-adicted :p
maybe a reason why I do this project too.
It´s such an awesome show.

xxx Love You All!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

HSM Chinese

Maybe you´ve already heard it, but there comes a remake of high school musical!!!
I´ve seen some MV´s and heard the actors and actrices sing.
I bet this one is much cooler than the American version.
I really like the songs.
Maybe this sounds a little bold childish for you,
but most disney movies and series deserve a chance right?
I´m totally addicted by a few other disney series but i will post a blog about that later on.
It´s currently in the cinema´s so it´s gonna take a while before it´s on the internet.
I found some pretty cool pictures, check them out below:

B.T.W. Junning Zheng is really hot!!!

Cosplay, popular among everyone?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My first message

Hi everyone!
This is my first blog ever,
I hope you all gonna like it.
Don´t really know what i would like to post.
But it will propably be much weird things and stuff that i just have to tell everyone.