Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Namie Amuro FT Yamashita Tomohisa 'Unusual'

For her new Album 'Checkmate' Namie did some collabs.
My favourite is (of course) Unusual.
I love Yamapi, and he makes a good duo with Namie I think.
The song has a sort of techno like feeling.
I have to say, if it wasn't a yamapi collab, I probably wouldn't like it.

I just saw the PV, and I'm still freaking out.
The backgrounds and the music kinda reminds me of those nightclubs.
The dancing is very cool.
I couldn't help but think of dream high at 4:24.

Also a thing that I like is that they put all the glitters on the background instead of on Yamapi's clothes.

Unusual PV

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