Friday, March 11, 2011


Harajuku in kanji written as 原宿 means "meadow lodging" and it's the areo around Harajuku station in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo

Harajuku is a fashion capital of the world, famous for its unique street fashion.
There are many designers who were inspired by Harajuku
Harajuku is a large shopping district that sells international brands, its own brands, and the shops are selling clothes young people can afford.

There are two famous streets in Harajuku: Omoto Santo and Takisch dashstree.
The first one sells all the top-class and expensive brands and the second is popular among young people because of the low prices.

If I go to Japan, one of the first towns I want to visit is Harajuku.
The pictures make me sooo jealous of all the japanese girls :(
All the girls (and boys) are dressed so nice.
How nice would it be if you can buy all those lolita, gothic and cosplay stuff just in the shops instead of being hours on internet before you find something and then wait weeks before it finally arrives?

There will be another post (or posts?) about the streetstyle.
But Harajuku looks like a nice place to hang out or to shop.

Want a shop like this in our city!!

Love this!!!

The arcade

Sources: weheartit, tumblr and google images

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