Monday, March 14, 2011

IU performing Cruel Fairytale

It's only been a week since IU's promotions for story only I didn't know.
Since Dream High ended IU took on new jobs and so she decided to end her promotions to focus on her upcoming activities.

Musing over her new position as a MC alongside fellow newbie, B2ST’s Kikwang, she expressed, ”When I think about doing a live broadcast every Sunday, I get nervous. Also, I will learn a lot from Jo Kwon oppa and Sulli, so that I won’t make any mistakes.”
To give fans a nice parting gift, she performed “Cruel Fairy Tale” for the first time!

I love Tim Burton, and I think Alice In Wonderland was one of his greatest works.
I like how they used the lyrics in the dance and costumes.
But I didn't notice any of Alice in the Lyrics :s
Maybe something with other fairytales would have been better??

However, IU looks really cute here, but a little bit too mature.
Her dress is nice!!


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