Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2AM Jo Kwon's accident

On March 26th, 2AM’s Jo Kwon fell off the stage while performing at the “10th Lotte Family Concert.”

2AM was singing g.o.d.’s “One Candle” when Jo Kwon  walked closer to the front of the stage to shake hands with his fans. However, Jo Kwon fell off the stage and disappeared into a pit of black, causing fans and concert representatives to scream mid-performance.

According to fans, although Jo Kwon was able to come right back up and continue dancing as if nothing had happened, he limped off the stage through the help of his fellow members.
Fortunately, Big Hit Entertainment revealed that he was not severely injured.
They expressed,
“Jo Kwon was making his way to the front of the stage to shake hands with his fans. Unfortunately, the stage lighting wasn’t bright and he couldn’t see where he was going. According to his hospital test results, he suffered minor bruising.”
Jo Kwon hosted Inkigayo as per schedule on March 27th, showing great professionalism on his part and will visit the hospital again after it ends for further checks.

Let's hope he gets better soon ;)

Source: allkpop

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