Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jpopasia's international music awards

Jpopasia is currently having votingrounds.
You have to login with your twitter or Facebook to vote.
I already voted!!

The categories are:
Q1. Favorite artist/band
Q2. Best male solo
Q3. Best female solo
Q4. Best PV 2010
Q5. Best single 2010
Q6. Best album 2010
Q7. Best boyband
Q8. Best girlband
Q9. Most promising artist/band
Q10. Best musical ability (vocal, instrumental, etc.)
Q11. Best use of social media (facebook, twitter, etc.)
Q12. New artist/band of 2010
Q13. Sexiest male singer
Q14. Sexiest female singerQ15. Most want-to-be girlfriend/boyfriend

I voted for Kana Nishino, NEWS, Beni and 8 others with Yamashita Tomohisa
Which singers are you going to support with voting?



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