Tuesday, March 29, 2011

50 things I want to do when I go to Asia

Yes, i know they are not all realistic and that most refer to fictional characters or drama's ;)

  1.  Go to a concert (SHINee, Super Junior, Big Bang, The old TVXQ, NEWS, Yamashita Tomohisa)
  2. Buy and wear a Kimono
  3. Win a Dance battle from 'Dreamers' or lose from Kirin Art High School (you can't beat them)
  4. Slap Goo Jun Pyo
  5. Swindle some Akasagi and Shirosagi
  6. Hang out with Akira and Shuji while they make me popular
  7. Go to an all-boys school
  8. Have a robot boyfriend
  9. Have Matsujun as my pet
  10. Take part in Liar Game
  11. Scream the names in Lucifer with a SHINee performance
  12. Eating
  13. Take part in another Dream High Flash mob
  14. Play rolling coin tower with Arashi
  15. Let Ji Hoo Sunbae sing a song to collect money for my new shoes
  16. Break my heel, so Ji Hoo can carry me on his back
  17. Buy a lot K-pop stuff
  18. Buy a lot J-pop stuff'
  19. Perform Genie with my friends for a random person
  20. Ask directions ...
  21. Speak a lot Japanese
  22. Buy much clothes that are actually asian-style, not some europian-style clothes that are worn by asians
  23. Eat a bento somewhere and not being stared at
  24. Use some Japanese proverbs (all the dutch proverbs are so lame and weird)
  25. Wear Cosplay as its the most normal thing to do
  26. Free hug those cute japanese people
  27. Get a lucky bag at a Fukubukuro
  28. Play Jan-Ken-Pon
  29. Go to a festival
  30. Hanami
  31. Invite friends and family
  32. Visit all the towns I'm writing about
  33. Make a lot of photos
  34. Blog about it
  35. Try new dishes
  36. Get a lot of inspiration for manga
  37. Visit a manga shop
  38. Make japanese friends
  39. Talk about japanese stuff
  40. Learn Kanji
  41. Watch Firework
  42. Buy dvd-boxes and CD's I can't buy in Europe
  43. Relax in of those japanese gardens
  44. Have a thea ceremony
  45. Go to a Japanese anime convention
  46. Crafting things that suit my (decora)outfit
  47. Turn vintage clothes into dolly-kei clothes
  48. Watch anime or drama's in japanese, and understand it
  49. Go to a supermarket to buy Japanese food
  50. Be happy!!

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