Sunday, March 27, 2011

Utada Hikaru's messgae to earthquake victims

J-pop singer Utada Hikaru  wrote a message on her blog in both English and Japanese, concerning the Tohoku.
She mentioned that she donated 400 ml of her blood to the bloodbank after the earthquake, and that she made an ¥80,000,000 donation to Japan’s Red Cross that would be $983,888 USD.
She requested all her fans to donate money to the Red Cross for the Japan relief.
Hikaru thinks this is a lesson for the rest of the world

 “For decades we have depended on nuclear power. It has made possible quick economic growth and a ‘convenient’ society, but also a lifestyle that is very wasteful.

She adds on that many people in Japan have just realized they have been taking things for granted like food, energy, daily supplies, running water, resources, and life.
Because of this, she is urging everyone to not wait until they lose everything and learn from this earthquake, that everything is precious,

If we all save energy, use only what we need, and live responsibly for what we consume, we can make the world a safer, more peaceful place, for us all.

Hikki is also thankful for all the support Japan has been receiving from overseas and Japan is truely grateful.
She is so thoughtfull and cute!!

Source: Utada's blog

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