Sunday, March 6, 2011

10 supercool Korean MV'S

SS501 - A song calling for you
I think this MV is fantastic, I don't get any of the storyline of the lyrics,
but it all looks very well-done.

Super Junior - No other
Well what's not to love in this musicvideo

Super Junior M - Too perfect
I'm sorry but just gonna say it: this MV is just too perfect.
Love all the close-ups and the dancing is great.
The thing that always fascinates me is that SuJu has a perfect timing, maybe even better than all the groups that have only 5 members. All their dance-moves are so smooth and at the same time.

SHINee - Hello Hello

G.NA - I'll be gone so you can live better
I think this music video is very sweet and sad, it suits the lyrics perfectly.
And it has a nice balance between the dancing and the flashbacks.

Beast - Beautiful
This one from beast is at the moment my favourite, especially for the choreography ;)
I love all the breakdancing in this video, especially all at the beginning and the end.

IU - Marshmallow
This song makes me very happy. The MV is also very cute, as expected from IU.
Love IU she is so cute!!

Beast - Shock
Another one from Beast, there could be a little to much shots in this MV what makes it not very nice to watch. I have to say, the name suits the MV

Big Bang - Tell me Goodbye
Just watch this and see.
like the shots in the rain so sad :(

Last but not least:

Girls' Generation - Gee
I just love this song and the MV.
Maybe the MV is not very much, but it has all those nice and happy colours.
The song is very happy and upbeat, that's why I like it.

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