Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mega kawaii!!! Hello Kitty stuff


パレスのように !!!



Songs I should've recommended a while ago!!

These songs aren't really new any more, sorry!
But I thought they were great.

Wheesung ft. jun hyung heart aching story

U-KISS - 0330

F.I.R - Atlantis

Momo Hiroco - sakura namida

Moon Bin - Always thinking of you

CHiE - Honno Sukoshi, Honto Sukoshi

Dal Shabet - Pink rocket

Block B - Don't move

Chihiro Onitsuka - Aoi tori

Brian Joo - Love It's over now

Kim Ah Ri - Clear day - never


Friday, April 29, 2011


Grimoire is a shop that sells dolly kei fashion.
It is known by dolly kei-lovers all over the world.
If I visit Japan it's the first shop i'll visit!!
I totally love how they made it look like the forest.

Hope you enjoyed the beauty!!!

On Off 'Hajimaru No Wa, Sayonara' + lyrics

Actually, I already forget they would release thhe album yesterday.
But thanks to my DDR, when I played a Vampire Knight opening, I remembered.
I hope they release a full version though.
Or is this the full version...?
Hope not.
I like the song very much though,
they never dissapoint me!

Here are the lyrics:
Hjimaru no wa, sayonara
yami ni nukabu mashiro naraii
Kimi dake yoni michibi iteiru
Sabishisa wo kagayakasete
Mitai mono ga ate kokoni wa nai kara to
Hitori sora sukini wa dakedo mo mayo otenai
mabushiku wasurerute shiki wo
Bokura wa kakemukete
Kimi itai ja mirenakata
Hajimeru tada, sayonara
Chigau michi mo aruiteku kedo
koko kara zutto omoteiruyo
Kokoro no hitori ni sasae nai
Hadayake nai sasowareru
Imano kimi machigai janai
Hashiri miraite bokura ga ita
Omoide wo kagayakasete



Tweet about wooyoungs B-day plz.
Let's make him even more trending!!
I really love him in Dream high.
Yes i'm a milky couple lover, but lets tweet about him kay?
he became 22.

Pic spam!!!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girls' Generation releases PV for 'MR. Taxi'

I think they have had better choreography,
this seems very weird, even for them.
I can't figure out whether or not it resembles a taxi driver.
I'm not fond of the yellow outfits either.
However, the girls look very cool in this.
SNSD Fighting!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm going to buy some green tea and maybe new shoes.
I always wanted to taste green tea, but my mom forgets to buy it.
I also have to buy a new pair of shoes, because my dress for animecon would be ruined if I wair my normal sneakers with it. And I don't think I can walk all day on my heels :)
I have many photos of my nail-art, and have to upload them sometime on my blog.
A moment ago I did new nail-art but haven't token pics of it.
I'll upload a picture of my animecon outfit anytime soon, with maybe my new shoes.

Genius Twitpics: Siwon

Konichiwa minna!!
There are also very much asian celbrities on twitter.
Of course, I'm following them!! <3
I checked SuJu's Siwon's twitter out and found out he has some genius twitpics!!