Friday, April 8, 2011

Japanese Drama Recomendations

1 Litre of tears
The heartbreaking story of Aya Ikeuchi, who has an incurable disease.
I love this drama because of it´s seriousness and the real-life story.
Aya is my hero, and she will always be.
She is such a strong person and makes you cry with every line you say.
Also, Asou-kun is like the perfect boyfriend, even though his character is not based on a  real-life person .
From this drama I learned that if you hope and put effort in something, everything will eventually turn out alright in one way or another.

Hana Kimi
I´m a great fan of Maki Horikita, I love her in this drama also.
This drama has all the exaggeration of a manga or anime.
The idea of a girl who goes into an all-boys-school is just fantastic and hilarious,
but they managed to create a good storyline and put a lot of jokes in the dialogue.
I really laughed out loud with every single scene (except the sad ones)

Hana Yori Dango
The best serie ever!
From all the live-action was this the first I watched
 and HYD is absolutely my favourite!
If these serie wasn't good, i would've stopped watching it from the third episode or so.
Everything when things are finally fine,
something else happens and Makino's life is all messed up again.
It's great because you always have the hope things will turn out fine,
however you'll be dissapointed again.
This serie is also funny and cute.
I like Tsukasa's Kanji mistakes and the cute scenes where everything seems to be alright.
If you want to watch a good drama, be sure to watch this
This is the first drama I ever watched.
The idea of someone who swindles swindlers is just very original.
Had a hard time deciding if he was the good guy or the bad guy.
Yamapi is just so cold and heartless in this, I like him more as Akira though.
The pairing of Maki and Yamapi is very great in this,
although I hoped on some more scenes where they weren't being mad at each other(firework scene <3)

Liar Game
I watched all the episodes and the movie in only 3 days.
This drama really keeps you hanging on, well with most of the dramas you can expect the end,
but it's the best if you expect it, but are hoping on a happy end anyway.
I learned a lot from this drama, and now I can think more logical.
I was so addicted I even had dreams about it ;D

Nobuta Wo Produce
I love this drama, it has all these great actors.
I love the message behind this serie.
It makes me sad everytime i watch it.
I didn't really like the ending, they could've come up with a better idea.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
I started watching this because I liked some of the actors ( Yuya Tegoshi and Kamenashi Kazuya)
I didn't relly expect anything of it, because the summary was vague and long-winded.
From the first minute I was totally addicted.
Yamato NSH is a serie you just have to watch to understand the awesomness.
This live-action even made me watch the anime.

So this were my recommends, I will write more revieuws about every drama I watched.
Stay tuned!!

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