Monday, April 18, 2011

New Heights, Asian American Band

I saw an Article on 'Allkpop' about this band, and watched the PV.
I thought they were an asian band, but when I read the text I found out they are actually 'Asian American' artists. I think their music is beautiful and decided to dedicate this post to them <3
They just released their PV for their single 'Peaches'

This is what Allkpop writes about them:

This trio has been on the music scene for nearly five years, and with three EP albums and three tours under their belts, the trio has returned to their roots to produce a music video for “Peaches,” a song from their first EP from 2006!

“Peaches,” which has made its rounds around the internet and accumulated over 500,000 views through multiple uploads on Youtube alone, went viral years after its release after being featured on TheJubileeProject’s moving short film Love Language last November “Peaches” features a very pretty piano melody and uplifting lyrics about overcoming adversity.
The music video was directed by Dan Fisher, who happens to be the man behind all of Se7en’s video work in The United States in 2009.

And here is the MV

Other songs you might like:

Their cover of Leona Lewis' 'Bleeding love'


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