Monday, April 18, 2011

Kana Nishino releases PV for Esperanza

Kana Nishino's PV for 'Esperanza' was released today, on 18 April.
After her previous single/album 'Distance' she got a new look.
The album will be released on 18 May, and his only one track.
Esperanza is a popular Spanish name for girls.
It means 'Hope'

I was very surprised this morning, because
I didn't know she was working on a new single.
It's definitely worth watching/listening.
I hope this awesome singer scores a #1 single with this.

The PV looks beautiful.
Kana's songs seem to get better, and the PV's too.
Everytime I think I found my favourite Kana song,
but then she releases a better song.
I Love the sunset shots, the stairways with red roses and the fire.
Her new look is totally gorgeous.
Her hair is better suited for this song/PV.
I love her look, the clothes are sooo beautiful.
I think this is the best PV up until now.


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