Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kim Yuri's death no suicide

I previously wrote that Supermodel Kim Yuri committed suicide. Now there are police reports stating that it was possible that Kim Yuri did not commit suicide, but that it was a natural cause.

Yesterday, everyone was shocked by the suicide of supermodel, Kim Yuri, and now reports made after her autopsy are stating it is possible that she did not commit suicide.

Today, Gangnam Police Station revealed the results of Kim Yuri's autopsy. A spokesperson stated,
"There are no signs of trauma or drugs in her internal organs."
They also commented that Kim Yuri had underweight: she only weighted 47 kilograms at the time of her death, but was 177cm tall.
On April 20th, the Kangnam Police reported,
“There were no signs of damage or wounds internally and externally, nor were there signs of poisoning. The media reports of her death being a suicide are completely false.”

 Kim Yuri's stomach contents were still in her body at the time of the autopsy and signs of digested food and liquid were still there and it didn't show signs that she ate extremely small portions or suffered from anorexia.
Yuri's parents both passed away. Her only living relative was her uncle, who said that she had an upbeat and bright personality
Both of Yuri's parents have passed away, and though she still has a living relative, her uncle, who stated that she had an upbeat and bright personality. Wich will make the suicide hard to believe.

The police discovered sedatives and cold medicines in her room, when they searched in her house.
To determine the exact cause of her death, investigators handling the case have requested her medical records and discovered that she had been prescribed sedatives and antidepressants in the past.. It looks like Kim Yuri's death was not homocide or suicide but probably a natural cause.

Further drug tests will be run to determine the cause of her death.

source: Jpopasia and allkpop

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