Saturday, April 23, 2011

Supergood Superbad - Yamashita Tomohisa

I really love Yamashita Tomohisa, his singing, dancing and acting are the best.
You could say he's my Idol.
I was really glad when I heard he would get a solo-album.
At first I was dissapointed cause, you probably know already, I live in Europe and they don't sell J-pop CD's here. But I was able to download the songs. But now I'm just irritated because there's a little fly flying around me and my laptop :( however check my revieuw:

Daite Senorita
I'm addicted to this song since I first heard it in 'Kurosagi'.
It was the second song I heard from Yamapi and made me realise how awesome he was.
I fell in love with the chorus <3<3
I especially like the Bridge
'Naite, Naite Senorita'

I think they changed something for the album version, it sounds much more jazz now.
I like pop more than jazz so I have to say that they screwed up a little bit.
However it's nice to hear him with a different genre, but the song sounds very flat to me.
It's definitely missing something now.

Yamapi commented:
“Who needs lies, go as your true self. 
The lyrics are about baring your heart and letting out what is truly you”

Tsuki To Taiyou No Rhapsody
I like this song because it's upbeat and the lyrics are nice.
One of the better songs from this album, not the best though.

Crazy You
This song is also very upbeat, and the lyrics are cute.
There are a few English words used, but not that much.
Yamapí speaks English very well (for a japanese person) but there is a reason that I listen to J-pop
so I like these lyrics more than 'Party don't stop'

Santa Maria
I don't know why, but I don't really like this song.
It got better after listening it a few times but still...
Nice song for summerholiday though

Dekiai Robot
I liked the song from the beginning.
The chorus is very often stuck in my head XD.
One of my favourites <3

Tsumi To Batsu
Am I the only one who thinks the beginning looks like 'Daite Senorita'?
Everytime I hear the beginning I can't help thinking that.
The rest of the song is different though.
The niveau of awesomness is lower than other songs, but it's nice to listen to.

Yamapi said:
 “This is a really up-tempo dance number, everything about if from the arrangement.  The ‘Yamapi’ calls are fun too.  It’s got a taste of the 1980′s.  I think its old feel is cool too!”

Kuchiduke de Adios
Just another great and upbeat song.

Seishun Amigo

Saiko no Love Song
First slow song!!
I can't understand the lyrics yet, but it sounds very touching.
This is really Saiko no Love song!!!'
Always sad when it ends :(
jk then I just play it again (and again and again)
But Love song was also pretty good



Tokyo Sinfonietta
A very nice song, I liked the beat because it was more outstanding than some of the songs.

Party Don't Stop
As I mentioned before, I don't really like it when asian artists sing in English.
But with this song and with Yamapi, it doesn't bother me so much.
With this song I can party all night long :D

One In A Million
First song I heard from him!!
I was immediately impressed and thought things like:
WOW who is thiis guy????!!!!
He's soooo handsome in the PV
I can remember the entire lyrics.
Fave song ever!!

Yours Baby
I think he sung this a bit weird, but maybe that's the charm??
One Girl
Another one of my favourites
Very upbeat and romantic.

I just love this song!!
Yamapi is also great with slow songs.
Normally I hate slow song, well dislike more,
but it depends on the singer.
Yamapi is certainly not boring with his slow songs.

Gomen Ne
*ame as other slow songs*

Blood Diamond
One of my favourites!!
Not much to say about though

I like the instruments in this version very much,
it makes this song very outstanding from the rest.
The combination of the lyrics, tempo and instruments is the best!!

Touch You


Friday Night

Don't like listening to this song.
It may be good, but the lyrics are just....

It was kinda hard for me to find most of the songs online.
Actually, I didn't even find all the song.
This album is definitely a recommend.
I love Yamapi's voice and in news he only gets some solo's,
I mean: the other members are great but I love his voice the most.
Yamapi has a very outstanding, yet beautiful voice.
Although some songs on this album look the same,
if you listen close you can discover it's difference and beauty.


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