Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Supermodel Kim Yuri Commits Suicide

Supermodel Kim Yuri has committed suicide today, 19 April, at the age of twenty-two. Her funeral and wake are currently at the planning stage.

"No matter how I think of it... even if I think it 100 times over... I'm the only person in this world",

were the last words of Kim Yuri that were written on her mini-homepage.
Kim Yuri was born in 1989 and attended Hanshin University before debuting as model. She modelled for various high fashion events such as the "Seoul Collection" and "Daegu Collection".
Today the 22-years-old model was reported to have committed suicide by swallowing poison. Although she was rushed to Seoul Medical Centre right after it had been discovered that she'd taken poison, doctors couldn't save her.

Her funeral and wake are still at the planning stages.

She was soo beautiful
I never heard of her, but when I read this I was seriously crying.
May she rest in peace.

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