Friday, April 22, 2011

New Boyband to debut: X-5

After all the teaser and the news-articles they will finally debute!!! Meet Korea's newest boyband: X-5.

X-5 is a 5-member idol group under Open World Entertainment that’s comprised of members Gun, Haewon, Sulhu, Zin, and Tae Fung.
They held a showcase on April 20th to introduce themselves and their skills to the public before their official debut. Zin stated that he has the role of rapper, Haewon stated that he’s got the visual eye-candy role with his ’smouldering eyes’, Gun is the leader of the group, Tae Fung is the main vocalist, and Sulhu is the maknae.

X-5 was asked about the goals they would like to achieve as a group. Haewon commented,
“Our ultimate goal is to make our name known around the world. Also, our first goal is to win the newcomer award.” As for their title song, Gun revealed, “This song was made to match our color, choreography, and image. The song is about being betrayed by a girl and not ‘putting on an act’ about the hurt feelings.”

They went on to perform more songs and dances, making the audience very excited and surprised.


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