Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aya Ueto cooks for earthquake victims

Today, actress Ueto Aya visited the city of Ishinomaki in the Miyagi prefecture and participated in making food for the earthquake victims.

At first the actress only went to the city to provide the people with footwear, underwear and other relief supplies, but then she met Watari Tetsuya, actor and president of Ishihara Promotion, and Tachi Hiroshi, also a board member of the said agency, who were making some fried soba and rice for the victims for the second day in a row, she decided to help them out a bit. After the Kobe earthquake, this agency, which only focuses on actors and singers, made food for the victims as well. Watari also played Ueto’s father in the drama “Kekkon“.

While Ueto was making the food, a three-year-old girl at the end of the queue started to call out her name and was eagerly anticipating getting closer to her. When it was finally time, she did not only find out the girl’s name – Shuri-chan, but also that she lost her three years older sister during the earthquake. Her mother explained that Shuri-chan’s sister was on her way home from kindergarten when the earthquake struck and caused the bus to flip over, going up in flames and taking her life. Shuri-chan is still missing her older sister a lot and wants her to come back.
When Ueto heard this story, she started to tear up and gave Shuri-chan a big hug and said, “Cheer up, okay!” The hug immediately replenished her energy and she was ready to make even more food.

Shuri wasn’t the only one delighted to see the actress bringing relief supplies and sweating behind the iron plate to make food for them. Men and women of all ages called out her name and waved their hands with a smile on their faces. She continuously tried to encourage them, “Everyone is supporting you! Don’t give up!”
After a total of four hours and 1,500 servings, Ueto eventually had to leave and commented, “It was a honor to help out Ishihara Promotion. Even if it wasn’t a lot, I think we were able to give them back some energy.”
Watari was really grateful for her surprise help, “I saw a lot of people smiling today, and it’s all thanks to Aya-chan.”


source: Allkpop and jpopasia

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