Tuesday, April 5, 2011

IU gives surprise cake to Noh Hong Chul

On April 1st, singer IU kept her promise to gagman Noh Hong Chul by making a surprise guest appearance on his MBC FM4U radio show, “Noh Hong Chul’s Close Friend“.
IU arrived with a birthday cake in hand and exclaimed, “I came to congratulate Hong Chul oppa’s birthday!” Despite being in the middle of a broadcast, Noh Hong Chul shouted with surprise and gushed, “What’s going on! IU has suddenly entered the room!”
She shyly explained, “I ate all of Hong Chul oppa’s cake when he was filming ‘Heroes’ with us, so I decided to come with cake for him this time.” Noh Hong Chul then caused his listeners to burst out laughing by adding, “She had dug into the cake with her fingers like it was some kind of tofu!”
Listeners later commented, “IU is so loyal!” and “What a touching moment, she even brought him cake!”


Source: Allkpop

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