Sunday, April 3, 2011

Show Luo faints during concert

At a concert on april 1st Show Luo shocked a lot of fans. By suddenly fainting he worried the whole audience, including his mom, who happened to be there that day.

While Luo was performing, he suddenly fell down and lied motionless on the stage for almost half a minute.
When he felt that the whole the tension was rising among the crowd, he stood up while shouting "Happy April Fools Day!"

Later on he said that the joke was very successful, even causing his mom to cry.
His mom commented that she wanted to run on the stage, but that she restrained herself.

Even though the joke was  very successful,  he was still yelled at by colleagues and his mom for scaring them like that. I guess the couldn't take it ;) Poor mom.
He promised that the next time he would let them in on the prank and not joke about his health. Even though he was yelled at, he's still proud over fooling 10 000 people who attended his concert.

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As you can see in the comments, it was a joke too.
I think this is sooo low, making everyone excited.
I'm really mad now.

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