Monday, April 11, 2011

Weird Facts about Ueda Tatsuya

* As a child, he witnessed a man being killed.
* He went to an all-boy's school.
* When J-Rock star Gackt found out that Ueda was a huge fan of him, he gave him his special Gackt necklace. Ueda wears it often.
* He joined the Johnny's because he admired Tsubasa Imai so much.
* He is a sensitive person, and is easily hurt by what others say.
* Band-mate Kamenashi befriended him when they formed KAT-TUN and always looks out for him.
* Ryo Nishikido from NEWS/Kanjani8 is sometimes cruel to Ueda. After Kamenashi asked Ryo not to question Ueda about his ambitions, telling him that Ueda gets upset that he isn't sure about it, Ryo publicly questioned him again. Then, early this year, Ryo announced that he hates Ueda most of all the Johnny's.
* Ueda has written many songs, often under pen-names.
* He learned to play the piano as a child, but now prefers the guitar.
* He speaks/is learning both English and French (the same as his idol, Gackt).
* He used to want to be a teacher, but decided against it after realising that he might be assigned to an all-girls school (he says he would be too nervous).
* His current long-term amibition is to direct classical music, while at present he has a share in creating KAT-TUN's music.
* His favourite part of himself is the "sexy" mole on his shoulder.
* He wants to name his future daughter "Elizabeth", but because Japanese people would find it difficult to pronounce, he'd shorten it to "Eri/Eli".
* On the basketball team in school, he says he was very good.
* He sometimes wears blue contact lenses.
<u>・Ueda's Quotes

"With different people I'm with, I change into one of my many me's and use that."

"I hate stupid girls."

"I'm a guy who likes to look cool whatever he does."

"My ambition is to become popular with the girls of the entire nation. I'll attain it by the time I'm 24."

"I see fairies."

"I wish I can have a hot and serious relationship."


source: Jpopasia

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  1. Pfft... Once again, we're all stunned by the world in Ueda-san's head. Lol. But I agree with the ' I hate stupid girls'... Although some may feel insulted, heh though I'm a girl. Ah.. I wonder what Ueda has in that head of his? Mah, it's his privacy *shrugs nonchalantly*