Saturday, April 2, 2011

CCS/favourite scenes Ga Eul X Yi Jeong

In the cellphone comercial:

This scene was soo funny
Yi Jeong: "wow you're going to eat all of this?"
Ga eul: *looks innocent*
Yi Jeong: "Jun Pyo doesn't really like plump girls"
Ga Eul: "Excuse me?"
Yi Jeong: "But the night gown in my luggage should help a little bit"
Ga Eul: "Night Gown?"
Yi Jeong: "Although he's fallen for Geum Jan Di now, and with her personality there's no way she's going to give in so easily tonight"
Ga Eul: "What are you talking about now?"
Yi Jeong: "A man that's been rejected, his guard comes down. I think it will be a worthwhile competition. Good luck"
Ga Eul: "What Kind of nonsense are you talking about right now?"
Yi Jeong: "Ga Eul, you didn't like Jun Pyo?"
Ga Eul: "I cannot believe this. Look here I'm someone with my own taste too"
Yi Jeong: "Why were you so sensitive when I mentioned Jun Pyo doing something earlier on?
Then is it... that you like Jan Di, Ga Eul?"
Ga Eul: "That is because Jan Di has someone else she like-....

Cute Ga eul!!
Funny Yi Jeong!

Yi Jeong: "We both made the wrong friends and are paying for it now."

Yi Jeong: "Do you want me to rub it on?"
Ga Eul: "No need!"

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