Thursday, December 8, 2011

Costume Ideas For My Next Con

Hey everyone <3
lots of love for still reading my blog ^^
And I've got a new follower, always makes me happy :D

I'm really trying to update this blog as much as possible but with my education and such it doesn't always work out well :s

I am also very addicted to K-drama's as always and it is so hard for me to blog (same for homework if y'all know what I mean ^^) instead of watch the next episode. Yes, I got myself drama-addicted :s

A Thing I noticed lately is that apparently K-Pop groups do Christmas/Winter song too. I really don't know if it annoys me or if I think it is a good excuse for a comeback :p

I also want to try uploading some more OOTD's mostly because Suzanne asked me too but I don't have proper light in my room :s

So about are my 'Costume Ideas'
The reason why I call it 'Costume' is mainly because I'm not cosplaying or copying anyone.
I didn't want to Cosplay because all my friends will cosplay from the same anime and it will be so cold in februar and I don'wanna be sick like last time :s

The theme of Tsunacon 2012 (The Netherlands) is 'Yokai Hayashi' and it means something like forest creatures. As a Mori Mori / Dolly Kei addict I just have to do something with this theme <3
On the site is also said they try to accomodate the location and activities on it so it will be a lot of fun for me apparently. I really hope it will be worth it because it sounds really awesome right?

So determined to go I immediately started online shopping to see what I could find.
First I found this really lovely dress on the H&M online store. I was really happy because there couldn't be a better piece for my concept. But yeah just my luck IT WAS SOLD OUT ****** **** ***  **** *****

But just now when I ordered another dress I find out there was still a white version :s but don't know if that is actually a prettier one than I have now.
So I just searched some more and checked one of my favourite asian fashion sites and I saw a dress I had my eyes on since I discovered the site was also discounted. It is soo pretty and I already ordered it and they send it on the mail in less than 2 minutes. Sooo nice ^^ *dances*
I also ordered a very pretty deer necklace, they are kind of my new favourite animal right now.
I am currently obsessed with everything forest-y.

I wonder when I will be getting the packet ^^ Can't wait :p
My idea was some sort of an outfit that would resemble a fairy or magical creature.
I was thinking of adding in leaves and/or flowers as accesoiries and was browsing for somee fitting hairstyles and found some things that fitted my image very closely.

This dress is sooo super lovely.
Just look at those flowers at the bottom, this is like my dream-dress.
I would trade my hands for this OMG

Only the girl is Super-Duper-Lovely <3
But what she wears is so amazing coördinated :O
I like the simpleness and the flowery accesoiries.
I want to do something like this too but with a headband and maybe a broche or something.

I don't really have materials anymore so it will be time to shop for me ^^
I'm really looking forward to finish this project.
And I really hope it won't fail or that I look super stupid or ugly in it.


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