Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 for less then 5

Hi everyone!

Because december is the month of being broke (I am, thanks to the stores that seduce me with huge make up sales and to lots and lots of people for whom I had to buy a present), I came up with this post. I'm going to show you five amazing products that you can get for less than $5!


When it comes to brushes, I highly recommend the ELF (http://www.eyeslipsface.com/makeup/tools/single-brushes) ones. I use the eyeshadow brushes every day and the kabuki brush (= small round one) is soooo soft! The eyeshadow brushes are both $1, the stippling brush costs $3 and the kabuki brush is $5.

Another product that I use every single day is the Multi Action Mascara from Essence (www.essence.eu/nl/producten/ogen/mascara.html). I like it because it doesn't smudge during my cycling tour to school, which other (more expensive) mascaras tend to do.

I know lots of beauty addicts on YouTube love this concealer from Collection 2000 (http://www.collection2000.co.uk/products/face/concealer/lasting-perfection-concealer.aspx), and I agree! It's very cheap and very awesome!

For your nails, I recommend the Catrice polishes (http://www.catrice.eu/nl/producten/nagels/nagels/detail/product/ultimate-nail-lacquer-140.html). They are fabulous and Catrice has an extremely wide range of colours.

Last but not least, I love love love the Lipstains from NYC (www.newyorkcolor.com/products/lips/lipcolor/smooch-proof-16hr-lip-stain). They are beautiful and it doesn't feel like you're wearing a lip product!

You see, make up doesn't have to be expensive! Happy Holidays everyone! I'm sure you'll look glamorous, with or without make up (:


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