Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Merry christmas my dear readers <3<3<3
Hope y'all have a wonderful time and have lots to eat ;)
Made a lot of photos and chilled with my fam today.

We had first decided to have a high tea with my uncle, aunt and their little kids, but then my other uncle, aunt and my older nephew and cousin came too :p.
I liked it a lot only the little kids were somewhat hyperactive and couldn't play without me >_<
Later on my little cousin started saying 'Ding Dong' again and again, it was really funny (but that was mainly because it made me think of 'The Greatest Love'

Everyone also got some christmas presents ^^. My aunt gave me and my twinsister some nail-art 3D-art pens. I don't know how they really work but i'll try to figure it out soon. However i'm very happy with it :p

I really ate a lot and still feel a little bit nauseous. And tomo my mom has big plans again with dinner :s
This would really make you forget about the fact Christmas is about the birth of Jesus instead of food, presents and nice clothes :s

And a photo of me ^^
I tried to curl my bangs (or whatever they are) with my straightener.

there will also be coming a nail-art tuto so stay tuned!!
Much Love,

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