Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Random Post ^^

Hey everyone!!
I'm really in a Christmas mood ^^ Whooohooo :p
I've been listening really much korean Christmas songs lately (yes Infinite's lately too lol :p)
We already have a Christmas tree with very much lights and stars (one of my fave things in this world <3)
And my holiday finally arrived :o yeaaah, and the best thing is that I don't feel any of the headaches that have been bothering me for quite a while now.

I've been reading a lot of magazines lately and made a lot of caps so you can expect lots of them ^^
I'm not really doing anything much this vacation.
For Christmas celebration my family and I, just my mother, My twinsister little sister and my aunt, uncle and their little kids are just having a high tea <3. Previous it was very fun and I hope it will be like that this year too.

For the New year's celebration i'm going to some friends. I hope it will be lots of fun ^^
I want to experiment a lot with (re)creating some hairstyles and maybe show of the finished product if I can.
Currently I have some problems with uploading pictures because of my simcard it doesn't fit into my laptop anymore :s or so it seems.

I think I will do at least one Christmas or New Year's Eve nail-art and try to upload it ^^
And I will probably watch much dramas because I'm addicted :s
My newest love is 'Flowe Boy Ramyun Shop' but I want to finish it tonight since I only have to watch 3 more episodes. I really love all the characters and the story <3


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