Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Becky and Koki helping victims

On 27 march, this sunday Becky ( TV personality and singer) went to Yoyigi Park where she collected money for disaster relief efforts and supplies for all the pets that are injured or homeless after the earthquake

Becky asked the people of Tokyo to make donations as she stood in front of a board that read “It’s OK, Japan is strong” and “Let’s put a smile on the face of Tohoku”. Becky, an animal lover herself and certified carer, has two dogs, a turtle and a snake.
On Monday Becky said that she had collected ¥ 2,379,042 (29,094 USD; €20663) in donations, a hundred boxes of pet food, and about 70 animal cages. “I want to thank everyone for their kind donations,” she said, “I’m moved by how warm-hearted people are.”
When disaster strikes, pets are often the forgotten victims. They are left to fend for themselves if their owners has evacuated or died.
Cash donations will go to relief efforts of the Japanese Red Cross and donated items will be given to the Japanese Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Tanaka Koki visits victims of the earthquake

March 27th, he went to the Tagajo Culture Centre in Miyagi, which is currently a shelter for disaster victims.
According to a girls twitter account he signed autographs and took photos even though normally he is not allowed to do so by his agency.
He tried to make people happy, which impressed quite everyone at the shelter. "He's a really good guy!" was their response.

Soo nice when the famous care for others!!

source: Jpopasia

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