Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Milky Couple' lives on even after Dream High

As many of you know, Milky Couple refers to 'Dream High' characters Jason and Kim Pil Sook.
I really think there isn't a cuter couple than those two.
The characters are portrayed by 2PM's Wooyoung and solo-singer IU.
If you want to see all the Milky Couple-cuteness I recommend 'Dream High' once again.

When IU guested on  radio show 'Lee Soo Young's Music Show' she received a phone call from a unexpected 'fan'. Wooyoung pretended to be a boy from Busan who adores IU. Wooyoung used his acting skills to make his voice sound surprised and really nervous and kept saying “Am I talking with IU? Is this really IU???” when he knew it was IU.

When Lee Soo Young asked Wooyoung why he liked IU, he answered“There’s no specific reason“. He said that all of his friends liked her, and loved seeing her on “Dream High“. He also told her not to talk to ‘Jason’ anymore because he’s “a bad person“.
Wooyoung said he was an ‘aspiring singer from Busan’, and said he wanted to sing a song for IU. So he song the chorus from 2PM’s “Again & Again“,
While IU listened on with amazement. Lee Soo Young was quick to pick up Wooyoung’s voice, and scolded, “Wooyoung, please stop!”, but IU still didn't know who this 'fan' really was , and commented that he sounded like Wooyoung or Junsu.

When Wooyoung revealed his identity, IU was very surprised and cou;dn't stop laughing.
Afterwards, she grabbed a sheet of paper to fan her face, and said that she couldn’t believe it was really Wooyoung. The two asked each other why they both haven’t been keeping in touch, and Wooyoung answered that he was busy promoting in Japan
At the end, he said that he listens to IU every night before he goes to sleep and requested IU’s song, “Slowly Slowly“.

For all the people who miss Dream High I've posted some 'Milky Couple-Cuteness' below ^^

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