Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kana Nishino

西野 カナ Nishino Kana is a Japanese singer and debuted in 2008.
When she was 16 her mother secretly sent a demo tape of hers to the Miss Phoenix Audition, and she was the best out of  40,000 applicants. A year later in 2006, she got a contract by SME records.

She sings especially pop songs and R&B. Before her debut she like singing japanese folk music, because she enjoyed japanese literature.
She is also a lyricist, a songwriter who writes lyrics.
Her favorite singers are the American artists Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Ciara.
She loves to listen to Reggae, R&B, Hiphop and min'yo music.

Later on her songs became more R&B and they became more popular in the oricon also.
She also collaberated with great artists as M-flo (Verbal), WISE and Nerdhead.
She even collaberated 3 times with WISE! I really like the combination of their voices.
Rap and pop/R&B will always be a good combination.
The songs are called: 'Yours only', 'Tookutemo' and 'By your side'.
The last single release was on 16 march.

Kana is my Idol. I love every song she made, especially her collaberation.
I just can't believe her voice is real, even in life concert she sounds so beautiful.
Her ability to reach people with her songs is awesome.
The only thing that's a little annoying is she uses her hands to much to express her songs.
I hate that just a little bit, because she doesn't need her arms, in fact, her voice is enough.

Check out her collabs:

Her solo songs:

Cute video
See what I mean?
But she is cute isn't she?

 I love these songs!!!
hope she will continue making even greater songs.
I love her style, she is always wearing those pastel coloured dresses that make you drool :0
Hope you like her, I will post something about her style later on.

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