Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miwa will release her album Guitarissimo on march 30

Aside from some new songs, the album contains five already released ones like her newest single "Haru ni nattara".
The CD+DVD edition includes some live footage from her LIQUID ROOM concert she hold last December as well as a 28-sided booklet.
Besides the album release, her upcoming "miwa live tour 2011 guitarissimo" is also confirmed. The tour starts on June 4th in Osaka and ends on the 19th in Shibuya.

For the people who don't know Miwa:
She sung  an opening from the anime 'Bleach' called 'Change'
After that she released Otoshimono (lost things)
That whas a soundtrack for the Drama Juui Doolitle.
Before the soundtracks she released some other songs (Little Girl, Don't cry anymore)

Miwa looks like a promising singer to me.
She has a good voice and is very cute.
Her songs always touch me.
Her PV's are very cute, Í become so happy when I watch Haru Ni Nattara.
There are a lot who think she looks like YUI.
I don't think so, Miwa is way better, no offense though.
I think her future popularity depends all on her ambition.
Miwa is definitely a singer who can become great if she puts effort in her career.

 Tracklist Guitarissimo:
 1. Arienai!! (ありえない!!)
2 don’t cry anymore
3. friend ~Kimi ga Waraeba~ (friend~君が笑えば~)
4. Haru ni Nattara (春になったら)
5. hys-
6. OTOSHIMONO (オトシモノ)
7. Dear days
8. Samenai Yume (醒めない夢)
9. chAngE
10. Megurokawa ~strings version~ (めぐろ川<strings version>)
11. HATSUNATSU (ハツナツ)
12. Little Girl (リトルガール)
13. Bokura no Mirai (僕らの未来)
14. Tsuyoku Naritai (つよくなりたい)


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