Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Message

Hey what's up Guys/Girls!
I want to let you know some things

First, Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!
Can't really tell you how gratefull I am!!
I've neglected my blog the first couple of months, but i'm totally addicted now.
As I said in my first message as well, but this time it's not only Tumblr, but blogspot as well ;)

There are some category's I'd like to introduce to you.
This is because I'd like to have some structure in my blogging as well ;)
And because there are some things i'd like to write about, and they look the same.

  • List of 50 things (inspired by Bardo Ellens check his youtube account: it's dutch, but it's sooo funny)
  • Some random facts/pictures of a Japanese city/prefecture (maybe doing Korea too)
  • Streetstyle pictures
  • My Favourite scenes from some random dramas/movies
  • List of celebs that have their b'day that month (if you know where to find a calender for your blogspot where you can write events in, tell me plz.)
  • A weekly message (or even more often) something like this
  • Some info about a famous person
  • Food
  • A abnormal clothingstyle
  • Screencaps from a videoclip turned into a screensaver
I will still do some news and random posts.
I love you!!!

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