Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IU's new songs

Yes, there are a lot of artist who have new songs.
How more K-pop/J-pop the better!!
I will say it again: I love IU!! She is soo cute!!
Most (of all ? ) of her songs directly appear in the Korean Mnet Charts
Currently on number 4, previously on 1 is 'The story only I didn't know.

I think she song it a little weird as a new cute and little lady gaga ;)
But if you take a look at the lyrics, it's a very touching song.
They also did a good job with the MV although it's a little bit long, what could make it a little boring.
What I noticed is when she sings this song live her eyes are glittering.
I'm still wondering if it's because make-up or if she is possibly crying :s.

Currently on 16 in the Mnet charts is 'Cruel Fairy Tale'

This song is inspired on fairytales (like that)
I put a version with the lyrics and subs, so you know what it means.
Maybe all the descriptions are vague, but you'll discover the meanings if you search hard.
Another touching song from IU.
I like the music very much, it's very uncommon.

Someday is currently on number 25.
This is also a soundtrack for Dream High as I mentioned already

'Alicia' was released on 29 january.
I really love the PV she is so beautiful and cute (thousand time I said that sorry)
This has such a princess-like feeling with all the horses.

I hoppin U is for one of samsung's commercials.
The idea is very original, although I don't want a head like a cellphone.
Her dress is very cute, I want a dress tthat suits my cellphone too!!!

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