Friday, March 11, 2011

BENI's new album

Due to the numerous requests BENI has received to release the footage from her first nationwide tour on DVD, BENI’s last tour will be available in a two-disc CD+DVD set beginning March 16th.
The CD will presumably include recordings of the songs BENI performed at the final stop of her tour, but will also include one bonus track named “ONLY ONE,” the theme song to an upcoming movie called Runway Beat.”

BENI “Lovebox Live Tour” CD Track List
02. bye bye
03. Koikogarete
04. Mou Nidoto…
05. Sign
06. Zutto Futari de
07. Kiss Kiss Kiss
08. Gimme Gimme ♥
Bonus Track: ONLY ONE
BENI “Lovebox Live Tour” DVD Track List
01. Lovebox intro
03. stardust
04. bye bye
05. Koikogarete
06. Mou Nidoto…
07. a million jewels
08. Hitomi Tojite
09. Kimi Janakya
10. Sign
11. Zutto Futari de
12. MOVE
13. break the rules
14. Kiss Kiss Kiss
15. Gimme Gimme ♥
16. Message

I love BENI so this is very good news for me!
Although I wouldn't be able to buy it :(

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