Wednesday, March 16, 2011

postponed releases and concert cancelations

Postponed releases
As all of you know, the earthquake and tsunami has resulted in many postponed release dates. On CDJapan, a great site for shopping from overseas, they have put up a long, long list of all the CD's, DVD's and goods that will have to be shipped later.
Here's a list.

Right now it seems like most releases in March will be released in April instead, due to companies having delivery problems.

Upcoming concerts and stage shows of Johnny's artists were cancelled for this month. Instead they'll send trucks and generator vehicles to the disaster area.
After a meeting yesterday, Johnny's Jimusho decided to cancel all concerts/stage shows of their artists for this month. Affected are the concerts of:

- Tackey & Tsubasa
- Hey!Say!JUMP,
- Yamashita Tomohisa
- Domoto Koichi ("Endless SHOCK")

Furthermore they're planning to send some of their transport trucks and generator vehicles, otherwise used for the concerts, to the disaster area.
That;s so sweet

Yamapi had a car crash so he'll be unable to perform
Poor Pi-chan :(

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