Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tutorial: Turn Lace Into An Elastic/Hair Band

When I went to the market last time, I originally went to shop for some really cute ribbons and lace.
I found a lot!!!
However I kind of run out of ideas and only attached them to buns or pigtails.
I became tired of tying this long piece of lace (1m) to my hair everytime, because I didn't want to cut it.
So that's why I thought of a way to turn it into an elastic so you've got lace in your hair without tying it up.
It's perfect because it is still lace and it takes less time.
You can also try it with different kinds of fabrics, anything with holes will do.

What you need:
  • Lace (or some sort of fabric with holes)
  • Elastic thread
  • An Elastic (optional)

You can see here the way I 'sewed' it.
I took this as my back because you have the most thread showing there.
I took some sort of a wave pattern so there will be ruffles at the upper side too.
You don't have to tie a knot in it, if you make sure the elastic doesn't go out of the lace.

When I was done stitching the thread through the lace I measured the lenght with an ordinary elastic.
You don't have to cut it, however mine was already worn out so it was easier this way.
You can actually do this withouut an elastic
but you have to make sure it fits around your pigtail, bun or braid.

When you're sure about the size knot both of the ends of the elastic to each other.
Now you must have something like this.

I'm happy with the result I took a larger piece than needed, that's why it's so ruffly.
It looks cute in my opinion :)
Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!!!!

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