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Hi, my name is Suzanne, and like Mariska I'm from Holland. I'm sixteen years old, I've got a sister called Irene and a very sweet boyfriend called Tim. With my friends I'm working on a project: we are making one trailer for the four Twilight Saga movies. I am the makeup artist (not a very big suprise, I guess), and I'm having lots of fun recreating the vampire looks from the movies.
I'm the makeup artist for a few smaller projects too, like the makeover in the school newspaper.
And obviously this guest blogging project! About once a week, I will send a post to Mariska about makeup. This can be a tutorial showing a few clear steps using a short video or photos. I can also show some pictures of the finished look, or a product review. And of course you can leave a request for a make up look you want to see.

When did you become really obsessed with make-up?
A few years ago, I wasn't into make up at all. But then I started to buy a few things, and before I knew it I had a whole box of make up stuff. (Right now, I have a lot more. A lot.) Because I wanted to learn more about it, I watched a few tutorials on Youtube. The next week I found myself subscribed to over ten beauty channels! I love everything that had to do with makeup, including buying makeup products, watching tutorials, reading books/magazines about it, etcetera. My friens don't like the fact that I'm commenting on the makeup in movies every time.. Sometimes makeup looks in movies do inspire me, but not very often.

What are your favourite brands?
It depends on how budget-proof I want the make up to be. Very cheap brands are for instance Essence, Catrice, ELF, the HEMA (in Holland) and Barry M. Not all brands provide good quality make up, though. If you look at quality only, I would go for Rimmel London, ELF or Gosh.

What are your favourite movies/series and artists? Do they inspire you?
Well, besides Twilight, I like series more than movies. Although I love romantic comedies. I watch lots of different series online, I am for instance totally addicted to Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Like I said, I'm sometimes playing with aspects from films when I do my make up. And because of the trailer project, I'm working a lot with Twilight makeup looks.

Who are your idols?
My favourite make up artist is Rae Morris, her book "Make up - the ultimate guide" is amazing! And of course there are some great make up guru's out there on Youtube. If you're really interested in make-up, you should check out the channels of MissChievous, Michelle Phan, Klaire de Lys, xSparkage and Bubzbeauty.

What is your dream job?

Ironically, my dreamjob has absolutely nothing to do with makeup, because I want to be a doctor. Well, who knows, maybe I can teach my patients some makeup trics when they are bored :)

Would you still buy products from a brand when you know it tests on animals?

Difficult question... To be honest - when the animal-tested make up is excellent to work with, I wouldn't give it up.

(*reading this* Omo, can I still consider this as my friend?)

What is your favourite colour, do you use it more in your make-up looks than other colours?

Don't consider one colour as my favourite, although I prefer soft, warm colours. I use a lot of gold and brown in my daily makeup, but that's mainly because this colours fit blue/grey eyes like mine very well.

What is your favourite song?
My top 3 at the moment is:
1. Rythm of Love (Plain White T's)
2. Drops of Jupiter (Train)
3. Jonathan Low (Vampire Weekend)

If you could be the make-up artist from a celebrity who would it be?
Don't know! If I had to decide which movie, it would be Twilight - without doubt. Then I could go crazy with the awesome vampire make up :)

Are you looking forward to writing the guest-posts?
YES, I am, very very much!
Do you have any other hobbies?
Haha you make it sound like I am working with make up all the time! I wish I was :) But I like reading, watching movies/series and meeting my friends too. Sport's nice too, I like running and tennis.

She also inspired make up looks on photo's her friend send her.

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