Monday, August 29, 2011

Abunai 2011: Looking For A Group

Ouran twins <3 I wanna do this with my twinsister!!

The girl in purple said my nails where lovely, so I decided o take a picture because their clothes were awesome!! Neko ears ftw!

My friend hugging pedo bear, who was actually a nice guy btw.

Fairy tail <3

I'll try to edit this picture later, it turned out too dark

Some pictures of the vampireee knight group, with me!!

I loved the left girls hair

The complete Phineas and Ferb Cast!!

Doctor Who!!!
He was also at the walibi meet.

Omo, they are killing him :s

The girls of the gyaru fashion show, they were so kind and well dressed <3

No Face from spirited away
My friend asked me if it was no face, otherwise I didn't even see her.
Shame on me :s


The ouran games ^^

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