Friday, August 5, 2011

First OOTD post!!!

I still look bad on pictures :(
But since some had voted it on my poll, here it is.
This was the only one that didn't turtn out to bright.

The hairpin was bought at an animeconvention from Fly Away Fashion
It's a (Gothic) Lolita shop, but I believe it's for dutch people only :s
The skirt was just bought so I wanted to wear it immediately.
I bought it on some sort of festival that was held in our city.
I also bought an adorable 'Tea Box' but I'll just use it as a jewellry case.
It has six seperated boxes on the inside and a very cute vintage picture on the front.

Still empty.... :s
Well now it's a home for my dolly-kei/lolita necklaces ;)

The Fairy-bottle-necklace is handmade by me!!
I always saw these necklaces on japanese girls and found out I still had a few.
I'll upload a tutorial if you'd like.
However, at the festival I bought 3 other bottles for 0,25 euro each!!
They were even filled with beads!!
I used the necklace of my pocket watch because I couldn't find another and wanted to wear it <3
More OOTD soon!!
I already made another which I didn't post yet.

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